Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The WebUI

After midterm evaluation the developing of most difficult part is begun. The WebUI.
In a successful software the WebUI is the distinctive because is what we see most frequently and a good design is imperative.
To achieve this goal we use mojolicious that is a simple and even powerful web framework in Perl.
I have a little experience whit it but this is the right chance to gain more.
I started, during the past week, to setup the framework in our project but now is time to design something that can be easily understood from the user.
The UX must be simple for a standard user and even for an admin that will make some complex and tedious tasks (add a new GPIO, configure tags, etc.). My hope is to get the best result in the shortest possible time.
Now I'm talking very frequently on Skype with mudler to define what is the best design and what are the most dangerous mistakes trying to stay away from them.
One last thing, during the previous days I tested the SQLite Backend more deeper but the developing of the testsuite was postponed because of UX task. I plan to work on them as soon as possible.
That's all folks! Stay tuned and good work! 

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