Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ready for mockups

Like every week beginning here we are with some news about work!
In previous post I wrote about the UX design ad how much this is important for the user.
What we see is what we are left imprinted and a good interface is the best business card for the project.
So keeping this in my mind I planned to give a nice interface looking around and taking a cue from some UX that we all see frequently like Google+.
Google design guideline compel us to create more easy and minimalistic interfaces for our software, but even without sacrificing functionalities.
So I decided to start the project using Bootstrap as simple and ready-to-use framework to get responsive the WebUI.
Setting up bootstrap is simple but tweaking it not, especially if we want some particular design for our website.
My idea is to get an interface with a toolbar on the top that will contain all action for the webui (like MacOS interface), and a middle part were we could find some different tiles for every action.
In this part I will define a simple static layout for our Remote Controller, but in future (even after GSoC) I planned to introduce custom per user layout.
The big clue is the admin area that is really difficult to be simple and powerful but we will work on it.
During the past week I created also a login form and a little account toolbox for our WebUI as little draft of how this will be in future releases.
Last but not least I have a little problem with mockup softwares... I'm not much able to use them so I hope to soon upload some mockups.
So That's all for now folks! Thanks for your attention!

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