Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First check point ok!

Very well I'm still here and I'm fine!
The past week was dedicated to the midterm evaluation, I had a little anxiety but I passed this step.
First of all let me thank my mentors Vytas and Mudler for their help and their positive evaluation of my work, my hope is to get to the end of this experience making some good code for all people who like this project.
However during the past days I continued my work on the project in both branches previously developed.
For the RPC branch I created a test suite for the dummy module.
But this caused the need of some other fixes in core modules, like the introduction of a new kind of signal (term) to stop safely mojolicious and the introduction of a yaml file to configure the RPC server.
Even on the SQLite branch we had some news. A script was added to fill the database with some testing data.
During a deep test of this code I encountered a problem in the Connector module implementation that was fixed introducing two accessors to the Node entity.
Then a little change introduced in the Config module let us the possibility to not specify some unrequired values.
So that's all for now, thanks again to my mentors. Stay tuned!

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