Monday, June 23, 2014

The midterm...

Finally the midterm evaluation week!
Let's take a brief summary of what happened, during the past week some fixes were done to the developed code.
The IntelliHome::RPC::Service::Base module was added to the RPC branch introducing inheritance of a base module for the RPC services.
This gives us the possibility to forget the {'with_mojo_tx'} = 1 declaration in every module.
The other thing that's could be considered as done is the porting of the Parser with the SQLite backend.
First test results are good and the software seems to work fine but more intensive test must be done ASAP.
And now let's talk about the midterm evaluation of this week...
This is the first evaluation period that gives us feedback about our work as students or mentors.
But during this period work must proceed so I'm still working on the test suite and developing modules in any case.
Hope everything will be fine and good work to everybody! 

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