Monday, June 9, 2014

Working on RPC and DB.

OK it's Monday and a new week is starting... What's the state of play?
My past week job was split in two branch that are going on simultaneously:
  1. Writing the parser interface for the DB;
  2. Enhancing the system RPC functionalities;
Looking at the first branch I created the interface for the new DB with some convenience functions like the existing Mongo interface but still the code need some little fix.
This is caused by the significant difference of the two DB approach and from the introduction of the new Entity in the relational schema.
Another noteworthy problem is the automatic deploy of the DB.
If we suppose to have a SQLite DB rather than a MySQL standard daemon running on our system, the DBIx::Class manual suggest us to create a .sql file that contain all the tables structure.
But this method force us to update two file if we make some update to the schema so, with help of my mentors, we found some DBIx deployer that could create the DB just reading the developed schema.
This is an excellent news but we need to test if this solution works for our purposes and even with SQLite DB, but that's a simple check to do ASAP.
The second part of job was focused on enhancement of RPC daemon functionalities creating a new module.
The parsing module add the parse method to the RPC daemon that is a kernel feature for this software.
This module is important even because contains the structure of future modules that will enrich the capabilities of G@H, and this bring us forward even on the roadmap.
For this week we need to improve more the RPC functions and even complete the Parser DB porting to make possible the switch between backends.
Now It's time to get back to work! Stay tuned! 

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