Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week two, Jobs Fast forward...

Ok we are in the third week of GSoC 2014.
During the past week the focus of the work was on the relational DB.
The schema was quite revisited because my first draft didn't include some important attributes like drivers that was introduced in this week.
The driver gives us information of how the GPIO must be used to have a state switch or to retrieve information from input GPIO.
The user entity is no longer connected to the room, because if we have a relation between user and GPIO we obtain a more deep granularity for the access permissions.
The plugin entity, which was designed to collect some information about the plugins, will be replaced from some MOP function to achieve more flexibility and speed.
Now the focus of our work in this week is on creating an interface for the parser to the new database.
This is a very important part because we need to switch from a DB to another ensuring backwards compatibility with the old modules.
Another job done in the past week was the developing of the basis of the module for the RPC server.
I know that it was scheduled only for the 4th week but googling on mojolicious I found on metacpan two useful modules that export this functionality very well.
Mojolicious::Plugin::JsonRpcDispatcher and MojoX::JSON::RPC makes very simple to create a RPC JSON server so I decided to use those to complete this task.
Now we have a RPC server that automatically create hooks for the existing modules.
That's all guys it's time to get back to work! Cheers!

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