Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The SQLite week....

Hello folks this was a fruitful week; here comes some updates!
During the past week I worked on the SQLite DB interface for vocal parser.
This work was scheduled for a previous week but it was delayed by studying the best approach to the deployer and because I started the RPC daemon before the scheduling purpose.
But now we got the deployer script for DB to make some test and results are... Errors! :D
I created the deployer using DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler that will also handle schema upgrades as well as they will be written reflecting the changes to the SQLite database.
After the fist run the script gaves me many errors about the DBIx schema class implementation and that took a while to fix as well as possible.
Meanwhile my work on the SQLite parser interface proceeded and now I think we got a functional implementation for this module. The last thing to do is ensuring the backwards compatibility with the old plugins structure.
During this week I planned to make fully functional this module and making tests and unit tests, fixing bugs eventually.
Also on the RPC feature branch I'm going to introduce a base class for services introducing the inheritance and make life easier for whom will write some new modules.
For now... That's all folks! Good work to everybody!

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