Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Let's get some screenshots!!

Hello everybody, as the beginning of each week let's talk about project!
This is a very important week because time is running out so we need to complete pending tasks and get ready for August 18th, final term evaluation is coming!
So during past week I worked on WebUI and some little fixes on the code written.
About WebUI we reached a good point where layout is quite defined and the need is only a little tuning.
I tried to create a simple layout and usable layout, let me show you some screens!

This is the home page with tiles that represent our switch for the relays. 
Every tile can be in state on or off and we can understand this looking at opacity of tiles.
Tiles could be filtered by tag with the search form or by room with dropdown menu.

This is the login page to access at the admin zone.

As you can see, here we have the nodes Tables where we can add/delete/modify Nodes data and add/remove rooms.

Finally the GPIO table where we can manage our gpio.
So hope you like it, I know that is a bit "rude" but improvements will come soon.
For now that's all folks, and any kind comments are well accepted! See you ASAP still here!

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