Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Javascript, Mojolicious and even more...

Hello everybody, here you are looking for some news and updates about the project!
Let's start talking about the WebUI that is taking some time to be developed but we already knew this and and we have taken into account.
Nevertheless, we are well on this because we have the major part of user UI, tiles are well structured and javascript should run fine too.
During this days, in fact, I spent some time on javascript function and tiles disposition so I changed the tile structure to have a more minimalistic feel of those.
A simple selector based on rooms was introduced and, with a little amount of time, tag search will be soon introduced.
For GSoC we planned to create a WebUI that looks like a TV remote control with a lot of toggle buttons and a page for those that would require more tweak options, but future enhancement we planned will introduce more and more functionalities.
We introduced the a tile class to have a structure for tiles that could be dispatched from mojolicious to the web page.
We even worked on some other parts of the code. Changes have been done on  SQLite DB too introducing a new entity (Pin) that will represent the real board's pins.
This was required by drivers of GPIO to cope the need of dual drivers requirements.
During this days the work will be focused on creating the admin panel and test the results.
Work on documentation and testing will go on too as fast as possible.
So that's all folks! See you soon and Good Work!

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