Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First day...

Today is the first day of GSoC and I'm going to examine what are the tasks that I will complete for this week.
Since March 21 I'm studying the code and the structure of the project looking for the best approach for the DB. I think that a relational database is the best way to get high performance on an embedded device like RaspberryPI (maybe in future will be possible to buy a low cost board with more resources but now those are not so easy to found), because I think this is the lighter way to reach a good performance on this kind of hardware.
Moreover my mentor suggest me to look at CHI to introduce some kind of caching to improve even more the system's response time so I have to understand how CHI create and store caches.
For the next week I must have a ER structure to develop the DB structure as flexible as possible.

The second part of this contest (after the midterm evaluation period) will be focused on the WebUI.
So in this week I will study the best structure for the JSON RPC server and plugin loading and triggering.
Structuring a good RPC daemon create the condition to split up WebUI and service, allowing us to plan, in future version of the software, the possibility to create many kinds of UI (Mobile app, WebUI, PC fronted) without any changes to the core and that's good!
So I'm analyzing the Mojolicious plugin bootup method as the basis of the developing of this feature and I'm making a draft of the communication protocol that will be used by UIs.

As last task I'm going to make a brainstorming for the WebUI to put down some ideas. But this is a long task that could be very hard especially if the goal is a nice and useful interface (I hope to reach a good result).

Last news is that following the hint of my mentor I changed my timeline splitting the test suite developing period to meet the need of creating new tests only when I well defined my modules structure, mudler made me notice that developing a priori tests could make me some unnecessary troubles.

So good work to everyone and happy GSoC! 

Glory glory glory to the Hypnotoad!

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